Reservation Policy, Cancellation Policy, Equipment & Facility Damage/Loss Policy, Privacy Policy


Rental rooms, Campground, Equipment
We prefer payment in full if the reservation is within 30 days on all accommodations and tent sites as well as trips and rental equipment. A 50% deposit outside of the 30 days is expected. The balance due if any may be taken from your credit card before arrival if we expect the office to be busy upon your arrival. If you are a “no show” you will loose the entire amount of the reservation. That is, we will run your credit card for any balance still due on the reservation.

You will receive an email confirmation, waiver to sign and return, and other notifications soon after you book a room or campsite reservation. We utilize RMS Hospitality online software for our reservation system. You can book online or you can call the office 207-367-8977.

Please call if you would like to book any kind of activity including boat rides, kayak and sailing trips and lessons, as well as any rental boats and gear.

Reservations for equipment will be held until the specified sign out time unless you call to notify us otherwise. You will lose your deposit if you don’t show up.

Rates and Late Fees 
Equipment: Overnight rental rates are based on a 24-hour period. Equipment may be picked up between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm any day of the week. No refunds will be made because of weather, equipment returned early, or equipment rented but not used. Equipment returned late will be charged the daily rate plus a $10.00 late fee for every day that it is late.

Minimum number of participants for Kayak and Charter boat trips 
Kayak and charter boat trips require a minimum number of people. If this minimum is not reached  prior to departure date, you will be notified by email, called, or told upon arrival and given the option of paying more per the rate sheet or getting your deposit back. Always call the day before to confirm your activity reservations.


If a customer needs to cancel before arrival:
Campground, bunkhouse, house suites, kayak and charter boat trips, overnight camping trips, functions, boat and equipment rentals 
Refunds will be given for cancellations made by a customer at least 21 days prior to arrival date less a 50% cancellation fee of the amount actually deposited. If you cancel within 21 days you will lose the entire amount deposited.

If a customer wants to cancel because of the weather:
Campground tent sites, kayak and charter boat trips, overnight camping trips, functions, boat and equipment rentals

Rain, fog, windy conditions and cold weather do not necessarily constitute a reason for cancellation or rescheduling. However, dangerous conditions such as high winds and/or lightning/thunder storms do constitute a reason for cancellation and may be fully refunded less the processing fee. The processing fee is $25.00. Conditions will be determined dangerous at the discretion of Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, Inc. as they pertain to refunds. There are no refunds for any of the rental rooms due to the weather.

There will be no refunds for deposits given for holidays:
Christmas, New Years, Memorial Weekend, July 4th, Labor Day, and Columbus Day.

Early Departure or Early Returns
Campground, bunkhouse, parking lot, rental equipment:
No refunds are given to: Early Departure from campsites, bunkhouse, and the house suites nor to early departure from the parking lot and early returns of rental equipment. There is also no refund if you arrive with fewer people in your party than you originally signed up for. You can call ahead at least two days before to adjust the numbers for a credit but not the day of the reservation.

Charter Boat Trips, Kayak Trips, Functions, & Rentals:
In the event of a cancellation made by Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, Inc., best efforts will be made to reschedule. Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any reservation at any time due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances. Refunds for unforeseen or extenuating circumstances will be given by Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, Inc. Customers can reschedule as long as Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, Inc. can accommodate the new reservation. Deposits will be credited to the new reservation. There is no fee for rescheduling.

Customer Reschedules:
Normally a one week notice is required for rescheduling or the the customer will lose their deposit.  A customer may reschedule a rental (kayak, canoe, sailboat, bike, etc.), a boat trip, kayak trip, campsite, room rental, or function as long as we are able to accommodate them.

Old Quarry Cancellations
When Old Quarry cancels a program, kayak or boat trip, class, lesson, or anything else we will refund the full deposit amount. If you are coming a significant distance for an event such as a lighthouse or puffin trip, please understand that trips can be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances including bad weather, mechanical problems, and lack of sufficient participants. You must call before you leave for your trip to confirm. Unfortunately, we can’t always know even right up to the scheduled activity time if the trip is a go or not due to all of the above possibilities. We stand behind our products/services and will do our best to make your trip happen – we want to keep our customers happy and coming back. Communication is essential before a trip. We require your cell phone number and the name of the place that you are staying so that we can contact you as soon as there is a problem.  ALWAYS CALL US TO CONFIRM.

Gift Certificates / No Cash Refunds
Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash by the customer.


The renters of equipment and boats will be charged for any repairs or replacement needed of damaged, lost or stolen equipment (including boat rentals). A cleaning fee will be assessed for returning excessively dirty equipment. Value will be assessed at the replacement cost if the item is lost, stolen or broken beyond repair. If repairs can be made, the fee will be based on parts and labor.

Rooms, Buildings & Structures:
Bunkhouse rooms and house room renters will be charged the cost of repair to these facilities for any and all damages. Renters will be charged on their credit cards for these repairs and for any stolen items as well.


We respect your privacy. We do not rent, sell, or share your personal information beyond what is required to process your reservation.

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