Park & Launch Services

Old Quarry has ample, safe, onsite, and user friendly parking for individuals or groups. There is room for trailers as well. You do not have to camp at Old Quarry to utilize these services. Both of our small boat launch sites are accessible at all tides and offer plenty of room for loading and unloading. We have a complete bathhouse, dish washing sink, and laundry facilities. Hot showers are available for a nominal fee for non-campers. What to bring kayaking.

We will take your trash, and any trash you find, in our dumpsters at the facility. We will also accept your solid human waste at our waste facility if properly wrapped in newspaper with chemical treatment and double bagged in plastic zip locked bags. “Wag Bags” are available for sale at Old Quarry for human waste. It is unacceptable to leave your waste on the islands, not to mention its negative impact on the environment. Please plan accordingly.

Before you depart, if needed, we will discuss weather, route options, channel crossings, and Leave No Trace principles. We will ask you to file a float plan with us.


We welcome all outfitters, clubs, camps, and other groups to use our park and launch services. Old Quarry’s charterboat, Nigh Duck, is available for supplies or rescue as needed. Rescue services are included in your park and launch fee, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. This service is available much of the time for medical emergencies.


PARKING if you are not camping with us:
$8/day for 1-2 days
$7/day for 3 or more days
$5/day for trailers 

LAUNCHING your own boat if you are not camping with us:
$6/boat per launch
Seasonal rate to store a boat here: $400/boat (includes parking) 

Camp at Old Quarry and park and launch at no cost. If, however, you camp with us and then go to camp on islands, you will have to pay for parking while you are not camping at our facility.

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