Kayak Rentals

Kayak Rentals, Kayak Delivery, Shuttle & Taxi Service

Old Quarry’s rental fleet consists of Wilderness System, Necky, P&H, and Boreal Design kayaks for those with paddling experience. We also sell some of these brands plus Perception, Dagger P&H, and Mad River, new and used, all year long.

The Stonington archipelago is a relatively sheltered area, however sea kayaking on the ocean presents a number of challenges. For your safety, we may ask you questions to determine your proficiency in kayaking including performing a wet exit and self rescue. We prefer inexperienced paddlers to use tandem kayaks because they are much safer.  Before you depart, we will discuss weather, route options, channel crossings, Leave No Trace principles, and ask you to file a kayak float plan with us. We encourage you to carry a two-way radio (available for rent at Old Quarry) and/or a cell phone and to contact us if you deviate from your float plan or run into any problems. Cell phones, electronic keys, and other electronics should always be in a waterproof container. Zip lock bags may be sufficient. One drop of salt water in the wrong place can ruin your device. It has happened more than once here. We are not responsible in any way if you get your device lost or wet. Old Quarry’s charterboat, Nigh Duck, is available for supplies or rescue as needed.

We’ll provide all the necessary paddling gear – pfd, paddle, paddle float, pump, and a chart. After your safety talk, we’ll assist you in launching from our facility. Depending on the extent of your experience and the weather conditions, we may ask you to paddle within a designated area.

Inexperienced paddlers should go with a guide. Paddlers with some experience will be limited to a designated area and tandem kayaks. Well experienced paddlers can choose their own boat and route. Children under fourteen must be in a tandem kayak unless very experienced and with experienced adults. This is at the discretion of Old Quarry staff. What to bring kayaking.


2-Hour Rentals
Single kayaks: $30.00
Tandem kayaks: $40.00

Half-Day Rentals
Half-day rentals are for a 4-hour period from when you arrive.
Single kayaks: $50.00
Tandem kayaks: $65.00

Full-Day Rentals 
Full-day rentals are for an 8-hour period from when you arrive. Kayaks and paddleboards must be returned before dark on the same day that you rent them.
Single kayaks: $70.00
Tandem kayaks: $85.00

Overnight Rentals 
Overnight rentals are for a 24-hour period from when you arrive. Rates are the full day rental rate plus a surcharge of 10%.

Weekly Rentals
Weekly rentals are also available.
Single kayaks: $275.00
Tandem kayaks: $325.00

Boating and Camping Equipment Rentals 
Paddling gear, boating and camping equipment are also available to rent.

Late fees apply to all rentals.


Kayak Delivery By Road
On Deer Isle: $30.00/each way
Off Deer Isle: $50.00/each way 

Kayak Delivery By Water
Isle au Haut: $20.00/each way with regular scheduled trips 


Shuttle & Taxi Service
We can pick up and deliver you and the kayaks at any location so that you can have a one way kayak trip.
$.55/mile plus $30.00/hour per staff 

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