Campground and Property Rules

General Ground Rules 
Check in time is 11:00 am. Check out time is 10:30 am. You are welcome to stay on the premises and spend the day with us, however please break camp first. Please be courteous to the other campers and customers using our facilities and keep noise to a reasonable level. After 9:00 pm, we expect that noise from one site will not keep campers at another site awake. Clean up any messes you make in the bathhouse, even “little floods” around the sink. Any problems should be reported to the office.

If any of our resident raccoons, red squirrels or foxes make your acquaintance, please don’t feed them. The coons are very intelligent and a real pain. If they smell food in your tent they will try to get in even if you are in it! The only totally safe place for food is in your car.

Please drive VERY SLOWLY on the premises due to playing children and those of us that like to stroll!

WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRUG USE AND DRUNKENNESS. You will be asked to leave for disorderly conduct. No refunds will be given.

Keep the woods and property safe! Please build fires only in the designated fire rings located around the campsites and leave no fires unattended. Do not move fire rings. Keep fires small. Fires should not be smoldering if you are not there. FIRES OUT AND NOT SMOLDERING BY 10:00 PM. If there is a drought then fires may not be allowed. If there is a fire and you can safely put it out do so. Then report it to the office. If a fire is out of control notify the office and move to a safe area either up wind or off of the property. Please do not block parking lot or driveway so that fire and rescue equipment can go where they need to go. Make sure that your family or group is all accounted for and safe.

FirewoodFirewood is available at our campstore. Please LEAVE YOUR FIREWOOD AT HOME – invasive insects can be in, on, or under the bark or in the wood. The Maine Forest Service asks that you help protect Maine’s forests – buy wood where you burn it. Please visit the Maine Forest Service website for more information about moving firewood that can transport exotic insects and diseases that pose a serious threat to our Maine forests.

Keep yourself and children safe. Be careful in the woods and near the pond. Be careful along the shoreline. Shoreline rocks can be slippery and may not be stable. Report any and all accidents to the office. Please let us know if anyone is sick or injured. The medical center is close by and an ambulance is only minutes away.

Keep the area nice for others. Pick up all garbage around your camping area and place it in a nearby trash bin, not in the fire rings. Do not throw seafood shells in the woods. You can throw them off the end of the dock at night. LEAVE NO TRACE. We recycle cardboard, newspaper, cans, and bottles, please place them in the trash bin next to the office, bring returnable bottles and cans to the bin as well.

Every day is earth day. RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT. Do not break off limbs for firewood or damage the trees in any way. Use the established trails in the woods to help preserve the natural beauty around you. Do not trample undergrowth. Keep tents on the platforms. If you have an extra tent please put it near the platform in a worn area.

No drowning is permitted at any time! Be careful around the pond and at the shoreline and dock. You know your abilities better than we do, so strong swimmers only please. An adult must supervise children at all times. Please leave the frogs and the frogs’ eggs alone, and do not disturb the turtle!

We prefer no smoking. If you must smoke, do so in an open area, but preferably not around others who may choose not to inhale secondhand smoke. Make sure all butts are completely out before you put them in a trash bin.

We welcome your pets but please be responsible owners. Please pick up after them. Throw it in the woods where it can’t be seen, smelled or stepped on. If your dog is friendly to other dogs and people, it can be free by your side or in your site, otherwise please keep them on a leash at all times.

All visitors must report to the office. A parking fee may be charged.

We want your stay with us to be as memorable and pleasurable as possible. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to talk to the Old Quarry staff members or Capt. Bill, the owner.