Maine Sea Kayaking Tours & Trips

Kayak the Stonington archipelago and beyond

Enjoy paddling through some of the most beautiful islands along the Maine coast. The Stonington archipelago is second to none and offers some of the very best sea kayaking in North America, boasting over 60 islands within a two hour paddle from the Old Quarry facility. Of these Maine islands, some 35 are open to the public and 20 are available for island camping trips. MITA members (Maine Island Trail Association) enjoy access to a dozen additional privately owned sites within the archipelago.

If you have limited kayaking experience, haven’t paddled in a while, or are new to the area, we suggest you consider a guided half or full day kayak trip to get some paddling pointers, work off those cobwebs, and learn about the area. Along the way you may encounter seabirds, porpoises, seals, osprey, and eagles. Your guide may point out tidal pools and natural wonders as you are introduced to sea kayaking on the Maine coast. No experience is necessary for our guided kayak trips. Old Quarry’s Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guides will take you on a comfortable recreational kayaking paddle and give instruction on paddling techniques, kayak safety, and Leave No Trace principles. We’ll provide all the necessary paddling gear, go through a safety talk, and launch right from our facility. What to bring kayaking.

We offer a variety of sea kayak trips to provide you with a memorable Maine kayaking experience. Depending on the weather, you may explore the Stonington coastline or head out to an island and stop for a swim or a hike before returning to Webb Cove. We won’t take more than eight boats per guide or we will add a second guide, ensuring personal attention throughout your paddle.

Children under fourteen years of age should be in a tandem kayak unless they are very experienced and the weather is good. Children under twelve must be in a tandem kayak and participate in a family kayaking trip. People with their own boats for any Guided Half or Full Day Trips subtract $10.00/trip. Children between the ages of 4 & 12 must be in a tandem kayak. WE DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 4 IN OUR RENTAL KAYAKS.

Gratuities for guides are greatly appreciated.

It is recommended that you arrive up to 30 minutes before the trip times, especially in high season.



Half-Day Paddles are offered most mornings and afternoons. The water is typically calmer in the mornings so we suggest beginners try to come early. An afternoon paddle is one of the best ways to spend a warm summer afternoon. Half-day kayaking trips last about four hours, with approximately three hours of paddling time.

Morning trip time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Afternoon trip time: 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Please arrive 1/2 hour early for all trips.

RATES: $65.00/person
We charge an additional $30.00 if only two people sign up.


Sunset Paddles give you the chance to enjoy a beautiful Maine sunset from the water. The trip lasts approximately two hours, you’ll leave 1 hour before sunset and return to Old Quarry as it is getting dark. 

RATES: $50.00/person
We charge an additional $30.00 if only two people sign up.


Family Kayak Paddles are two-hour trips designed for families with children under 14. Others are welcome. Flexible on times. As sea kayaking on the ocean can be difficult and strenuous for children, the group will go at a slower pace and depending on the group’s abilities may stay closer to shore. We’ve found these kayak trips to be enjoyable for the whole family. This may or may not be a private or single family trip. Other adults may go as long as they understand the situation. 

RATES: $50.00/person
We charge an additional $30.00 if only two people sign up.


Full-Day Paddles are available for those who want an all-day kayaking experience lasting approx. 7 hours.

Full-day trip time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (please arrive by 8:30 am).

RATES: $130.00/person
We charge an additional $60.00 if only two people sign up.


Private Guided Paddles are available at an hourly rate. Flexible on times.

RATES: $60.00/hour for first person + $20.00/hour each additional person.
Maximum 6 people.



Take our passenger vessel Nigh Duck to Isle au Haut with your kayak or one of our boat rentals with or without one of our licensed Maine sea kayak guides for a day long hike and paddle around the island. Isle au Haut is really a wondrous place to paddle. There are 75 foot granite cliffs down to the water, spruce forests, pebbly beaches, and lots of wildlife such as eagles, osprey, sea ducks, seals, and deer on the island. There are more than several places to land your kayak and hike around the park for a bit if you so choose. You can hike or paddle as much as you desire. You will not forget this adventure!

This trip is for experienced paddlers only or you must go with a guide. No children under 14 years of age. Please call well in advance to request a guide. If you choose to hire a guide to paddle with you, please be aware that they will not be able to hike with you per the Park Service.

Other options include paddling one way (out or back) without a private guide and taking the Nigh Duck with your kayak or one of our boat rentals for the other way (out or back) of your trip.

The Nigh Duck leaves Old Quarry daily at 9:00 am, reaching the Isle au Haut town landing at 9:45 am. Return from town landing at 5:00 pm and reach Old Quarry at 5:45 pm.

RATES: $40.00/round trip
Kayak Rental: Per Rate Sheet for the day
Kayak transportation/loading/unloading to/from Island: $10.00/boat

We do not sell “one way” tickets to Isle au Haut.

Maximum 6 tandems or 6 singles kayaks or any combination of 6 boats.

Learn more about Isle au Haut.



Paddle out to a Maine island and camp overnight with an Old Quarry Registered Maine Guide. You will start your kayaking trip by paddling to a coastal island in the Stonington archipelago, set up camp, and then let the fun begin. You will explore a number of islands, stop for a swim, and have a wonderful chance to relax. Our guide will prepare great meals throughout the trip. Good company, good food, good sunsets, and great stories await you.

Prices include kayak rental and guide. Camping gear is available for rent.

One night/two days trip: $290.00/person 
Two nights/three days trip: $435.00/person
Three nights/four days trip: $580.00/person
Three person minimum or pay an additional $150.00/day.
Add Meals: $12.00/per meal/per person plus 8% tax.



Perseids meteor shower paddle on Saturday, August 11, 2018. This is a guided kayak trip. You will be in a tandem kayak which are very stable. The trip is cloud cover and weather dependent – we won’t go if it is a thick cloud cover and/or too windy. We usually paddle out to Hell’s Half Acre to watch for the meteors. Each year we have been very successful in viewing many meteors across the sky. It’s an adventure for sure! If the seas are calm we often hear fish jumping, porpoises and seals blowing and other unidentifiable sounds coming from other creatures.

Arrive at Old Quarry at 7:30 pm and return from paddling at approx. 11:00 pm. This is flexible and up to the group. What to bring. A head lamp, whistle and warm clothes are essential. Our life jackets have whistles on them and we well head lamps. Some paddling experience is required.

RATES: $60.00/person

Optional box dinner (order the day before): $14.00 plus 8% tax. 


A full day guided kayak trip to these three islands. We will also stop at other islands on the way in and out as needed to rest up and stretch. Some kayak experience is suggested.

McGlathery Island is the first island on the coast of Maine to be conserved. It had a colony of people living on it in the 1800’s and even had a school house. Some old stone foundations still exist. There are 2 nice beaches and there is a trail from one beach to the other. Wreck Island and Round Island are owned by the Island Heritage Trust. Round can be walked around on the shoreline and Wreck has a trail to hike and a nice beach.

This trip will have you paddling through the 60 plus islands of the Stonington archipelago, which is just plain gorgeous. The guide will only go as fast as the slowest persons. You will be in a tandem (2 person) kayak. They are very stable and difficult to tip over.

RATES: $130.00/person


Sea kayaking trips for intermediate paddlers. Physical endurance and experience are a must. Due to the remoteness of these paddles, only experienced kayakers with open water experience allowed. Participants can paddle either or both ways.

Now these are adventures!

The Nigh Duck will take you out to kayak in difficult to reach and amazing places, where few have kayaked before you. These trips can be done with or without a guide. They can offer the opportunity for big “open water” paddling and expedition training with our guides.

These trips are usually scheduled on days that we are scheduled to go to these locations, otherwise you can privately charter the boat. See Boat Schedule. Depart at 9:00 am. Please arrive by 8:00 am.

Guided includes kayak rental, boat ride and guide: $225.00/person. Minimum 4 people.
Unguided includes kayak rental boat ride: Singles: $135.00/day; Tandems: $265/day. Minimum 4 people.
Optional box lunch: $14.00 plus 8% tax.


Seal Island is 18 miles out to sea and sits by itself in the open ocean. It offers a scenic rock-bound shoreline with vertical cliffs and some tiny inlets just big enough for your kayak to ride the seas in and out. Seal Island is also a sea bird nesting island owned by the National Fish and Wildlife Service. You will paddle among puffins, arctic terns and many other rare and exotic pelagic birds. If you want to experience the natural world in its natural state, come with us on this memorable adventure. Options include paddling by yourselves or with one of our guides for an hour and then taking the Expedition Boat back; or paddle back the 18 miles. Another option is to take the Expedition Boat 8 miles back and be dropped off at Isle au Haut to paddle back from there.

This Mothership Kayaking Expedition is usually scheduled on days in conjunction with Puffin Boat Trips and Lighthouse Boat Trips – see Boat Schedule.


Marshall Island is located in Jericho Bay, south of Swans Island. Paddle out on a day long adventure to the largest undeveloped and uninhabited island on the East Coast owned and maintained by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. This 985 acre island is a recreational haven that draws nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, picnickers and boaters from all over. It has 7 miles of rocky shore line with two beautiful beaches as well as 10 miles of hiking trails through the island’s extensive forests.

See Paddle Marshall Island trip for Marshall Island Mothership Kayaking Expeditions schedule.


This trip offers some great paddling as well. Brimstone Island near the southern end of Vinalhaven is an incredible paddling area and you can land on the rock beach that has hand size smooth as silk black stones. Saddleback Ledge Light nearby in the middle of Penobscot Bay sits alone as the sentinel for the entrance to the Bay and can be passed en-route.

This Mothership Kayaking Expedition is usually scheduled on days in conjunction with Puffin Boat Trips and Lighthouse Boat Trips – see Boat Schedule.


Isle au Haut is 8 miles from our facility and two thirds of it is part of Acadia National Park. The paddling around the island is awe-inspiring with its natural rugged shoreline and steep cliffs. You can land your kayaks on several beaches, and at Duck Harbor you can go for a one hour round trip hike up Duck Harbor Mountain for a 360° view of Penobscot Bay. See Hike & Paddle Isle au Haut trip for another option.



Marshall Island is the largest undeveloped and uninhabited island on the East Coast owned and maintained by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

This 985 acre island is a recreational haven that draws nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, picnickers and boaters from all over. It has 7 miles of rocky shore line with two beautiful beaches as well as 10 miles of hiking trails through the island’s extensive forests. It offers its visitors a taste of wilderness. Some have said that there are no other islands quite like it on the coast of Maine. Just the beaches themselves are extraordinary.

Paddlers can join the Marshall Island Boat Trip one way or round trip. This is a chance to paddle an area that you might otherwise not get a chance to paddle around.

If you’ll be camping on the island, we can take you and your gear out and pick you up on another day for an additional fee. There is no dock – you and your boats and equipment will be loaded/unloaded directly from the Nigh Duck. Permission is needed to camp on the island. Visit the MCHT Marshall Island Preserve information & guidelines and map.

This is a 35 minute boat ride through Jericho Bay. The vessel Nigh Duck typically leaves Old Quarry at 9:00 am and returns at 5:00 pm for the Marshall Island Trip.

2018 Marshall Island Boat Trips Schedule:
July 3 w/IHT
July 24
August 14

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